Forest Cover Type Prediction

To predict 7 different types of forest cover on the basis of land surrounding of predominant terrestrial ecosystem.

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Predictive Analysis

Enter the forest attributs.




(degrees azimuth)*



Horizontal Distance To Roadways
Horizontal Distance To Fire Points
Horizontal Distance To Hydrology
Vertical Distance To Hydrology
Hill shade Noon

(index at noon)*

Hill shade 9AM

(index at 9AM)*

Hillshade 3PM

(index at 3PM)*

Soil Type 4


Soil Type 10

(Loamy sand)*

Soil Type 12

(Silt loam)*

Soil Type 22


Soil Type 23


Soil Type 38

(Sandy clay)*

Soil Type 39

(Heavy clay)*

Wilderness Area 1

(Strict Nature Reserve)*

Wilderness Area 3

(Species Reserve Area)*

Wilderness Area 4

(National Park)*


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